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I just got back from an AWESOME lecture; the CEO of DDB Worldwide (The company that does ads for Budweiser, Volkswagon, etc.). It was awesome and completely restored my faith that I'm doing the right thing. I cannot believe this guy went to UK and is now the head of what is essentially the biggest advertising agency in the world. Maybe I can be somebody someday.

Until then, I've finally broken through my art block. I haven't drawn something decent by hand since I bought my current sketchbook; it's page after page of failed powerpuffs, costume designs, and awful anatomy. So before the lecture so I'd have something to work on whilst I took notes, I printed out a few pictures of Katie and Misha and paperclipped them to my sketchbook.

I'm quite pleased with the results. I cannot believe I just did that in less than an hour. I'M BACK, BABY.
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