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Today I was inadvertently spoiled by Deviantart of all the places in the world... Basically, this is the only spoiler I know, so don't go informing me of ANYTHING ELSE post 4x20.


I know what Castiel's vessel's name is. Yes, someone drew a piece of fanart and friggin spoiled me for this stupidity. Anyways, now all I can think of is "at least people who want a cutesy shipping name will be happy".

From now on, you will all refer to Dean/Vessel!Fic as "Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick".

Thank you for your time.

I guess as far as spoilers go, that one wasn't the end of the world, but please guys, continue with your cuts and awesomeness. You make my world go 'round, you really do.
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