Feb. 23rd, 2009

spazz: ([BtvS] Workin)
Sooooooo my Photoshop teacher just gave us a new assignment which we have a month to work on. I want to do something INTENSE, otherwise I'm going to finish in a week, and that would make me sad.

I already did the zombie thing, so that's out.

I have to make a picture that's a narrative from a film or book with a twist; she said I could recreate a film shot, but I kind of want to do something awesome. I need help brainstorming movies.

I want something with a prominent subject that would require a lot of manipulation; I love working with faces and all that kind of stuff.

So if you can think of a movie or a book I should base it on, that'd be lovely, and I'd love you forever.

I might even drawn you powerpuffs. ;D ;D ;D ;D



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