Apr. 26th, 2009

spazz: ([SPN] Dean/Cas Ravishing)
Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] ibroketuesday found the best mpreg bad!fic ever. The SS Deanbottoms proceeded to discuss it at length during the time we should've been rewatching 4x19. It's... we love it. It's near and dear to our hearts. So I made some text icons of our favorite choice quotes. Please, go forth and use them liberally. <3

Castiel smelled like an angel, which he was. )
spazz: ([PD] Lmao)
I did not make this. I don't know who did. But by GOD I LOVE IT.


Guys, I think it's getting too close to finals again, and I'm starting to go a little crazy. I'M SO SORRY FOR THE LULZY SPAM.



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