Apr. 28th, 2009

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Just to put this into perspective, I've been working on this since before Christmas break. Right after Heaven and Hell. Yeah. Yeah. I'm pretty exceptionally lazy.

It started off as just a regular old Castiel video, then it just kept getting slashier. So I went with it, and decided to push it as far as it would go. I... may have created a monster in so doing.

Probably the gayest fanvid you will ever see. Ever. In fact, I defy you to find a gayer one. I submit that it cannot be done. I mean, I worked for hours on making this the biggest, gayest video in the world. I deserve a medal.

Now I can focus on my studies fanart with my full attention. \o/
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So uh, I have a really important question for all my British/European Flisters:

Will any of you be in/capable of getting to London around New Years this year?

I might be going on a school trip, and have a little free time, and want to hang out with awesome people. I have no idea how likely it is right now, I just want to know. You know, for my consideration purposes.

Alright, I'm working on a very important poll post that everyone's going to have to participate in. It should be up before I leave this class. I'm pretty bored. :P
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Alright, flist, gather round! It's that time of year again: Finale Prediction Time! This year, I thought I'd try something a little different. We're going to have a competition.

Under this lj-cut, there lies a poll. To the best of my knowledge, it is adjusted for spoilers, ie: people who read spoilers can't do any better than those of you who haven't. If I find out later that an answer is available via spoilers, I'll throw the question out.

Radio questions are worth 2 points, and you cannot lose points for guessing wrong on them. On ticky questions, however, each answer is worth 1 point. Guessing right gets you a point, but guessing wrong loses you one. DUN DUN DUHHHH. So choose wisely. ;D Every question counts for points except the last one.

I'm going to record everyone's answers after 4x20, probably Friday morning, so get your votes in ASAP. Winner gets to request a powerpuff, or icons, or whatever. I'll make you something awesome, promise. The poll is on what you think will happen in both 4x21 and 4x22. Go nuts:

[Poll #1391338]



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