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Alright, flist, gather round! It's that time of year again: Finale Prediction Time! This year, I thought I'd try something a little different. We're going to have a competition.

Under this lj-cut, there lies a poll. To the best of my knowledge, it is adjusted for spoilers, ie: people who read spoilers can't do any better than those of you who haven't. If I find out later that an answer is available via spoilers, I'll throw the question out.

Radio questions are worth 2 points, and you cannot lose points for guessing wrong on them. On ticky questions, however, each answer is worth 1 point. Guessing right gets you a point, but guessing wrong loses you one. DUN DUN DUHHHH. So choose wisely. ;D Every question counts for points except the last one.

I'm going to record everyone's answers after 4x20, probably Friday morning, so get your votes in ASAP. Winner gets to request a powerpuff, or icons, or whatever. I'll make you something awesome, promise. The poll is on what you think will happen in both 4x21 and 4x22. Go nuts:

[Poll #1391338]
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Spoilers for 4x16 )

Is it Thursday yet?
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So me and [ profile] randomfangirl29 are watching Born Under a Bad Sign (as one is wont to do after escaping the bowels of higher education), and we realized Kripke was telling us something even then.

Meg!Sam: Dean, back from the dead. Getting to be a regular thing for you, isn't it?

Y'all, maybe it's the fact that I've been up for near 24 straight hours, but I laughed for 6 straight minutes.

Also I've decided that in Nightmare? When Sam moves the closet? He didn't have telekinesis. It was Castiel. THIS EXPLAINS WHY HE DOESN'T HAVE TELEKINESIS. I WIN AT RETCONS. KRIPKE SHOULD HIRE ME.

Oh crap and now we're arguing about watching Houses of the Holy. It used to be my favorite episode, y'all. I really wasn't kidding when I said the only thing Kripke now owes me is unicorns. And moar Father Gregory. Fwrowr. Even the fake angels on this show are hot.

Alright I'm really, really done now. Ahhhh I'm going to post a crapton of music tomorrow for y'all to make up for my internet!death over the past.... however long that was. I seriously don't know; I've literally been trapped in a room with no hope of escape BUT NOW I AM FREE.

Oh crap now we're watching Houses. It makes me squeel with gleeeeee. Isn't Raphael just another name for Uriel? Because Dean's face whilst the Priest tells them about him makes me lol. Actually damn near everything is making me laugh hysterically right now.

I should sleep, but I'm too busy celebrating by being a huge unashamed nerrrrrrd.

ALSO MY PAPER I JUST FINISHED? I wrote it on Slaughterhouse-Five, wherein the main character has a bed with magic fingers. CROSSOVER! XDDD

Oh wow that would be the crackiest crossover ever.

First person to write me the crack!fic where Billy Pilgrim and Dean Winchester meet each other gets the undivided attention of my crazy!
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Hi, guys! I'm posting from work! *waves*

Today I'm scanning like a billionty contracts, so I'm stuck sitting here. May as well make the most of my time, eh? :D I'm getting paid for this crap. *shakes head*

Anyway, I have a few dilemmas. )

Lately I've been reading about the Asylum con, and pretending to work, but I've also been having deep thoughts about "Time is On My Side". Oh, yes. Very much, indeed. So much so, that I've come up with my greatest crack theory to date. *fistpump*

My theory is based purely on speculation, as I know absolutely zilch about the last episode. I just want to know if anyone else thinks this is even vaguely plausible. Or something. Perhaps I just want to write this down before the episode airs so I can come back and have something to laugh at. Because I get the feeling that after this episode, we will have nothing to be joyous about EVER AGAIN.

So without further ado... )

Oh, yeah. I'm sane.
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Me and [ profile] randomfangirl29 have been joking around about SPN's finale and other such randomness for a while now, and every now and then, I'll say something and be all "I'm calling this now". Tonight, I said I was gonna make a list, print it out May 15th, and check things off as they happened.

So I did )

Figured it'd be best to make it before spoilers even really started coming out, so... yeah. Made with my complete and entire lack of knowledge of anything that's going to happen at all. Other than the stupid premise of 3x13. *grumble*
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I'm... voluntarily being an insomniac today. I almost fell asleep at one point, but I was reading fanfic and it was long and it was just starting to get good. So... yeah. Not so much with the sleeping today.

I got about halfway through making the world's crackiest Smallville video before I realized I was REALLY burnt out from doing my Supernatural one, and I didn't feel like working on it at all. It was never meant to be a serious entry anyway, just something to make them laugh whilst going through the tedium of watching everyone's videos, but... yeah. I'll definitely finish it someday because I want to learn more After Effects stuff, but not right now. I'm gonna work on a fanvid for "Heart", too. Because I'm insane. *shrug*

But I received confirmation of my awesomeness via a Fortune Cookie from The Commons (no, I didn't eat the Chinese; I left that to Sabrina for she is a far braver soul) today: "You have every qualification for success". So if I don't win, I'll just call up the Fortune Cookie company and ask them why they lie to me so. Oh, they will answer for their heinous crimes.

While on the subject of today's lunch, I love when me and Sabrina actually do eat together. We always have such delightful and productive conversations. Today we worked out a few of the final details of her Joker costume. We're ordering more Kanekalon hair in purple, and adding that to her dark green and my light green dreads and holy crap, her head is going to be bright, and people will hate us. <3 She's also potentially borrowing one of my green Converse shoes. Yeah, I'm not really sure about that one. We're also going to work on elf dresses this summer in anticipation of the Hobbit. Good times will be had by all.

I'll end tonight with my "Crack Theory of the Moment"; hiatus is apparently not good for my mind.

Me: Is Ellen not human?
[ profile] randomfangirl29: whatever no she is I think
[ profile] randomfangirl29: :D
[ profile] randomfangirl29: someone did talk to Gordon
Me: Gordon?
[ profile] randomfangirl29: watch it be Ellen
Me: Huh?
[ profile] randomfangirl29: ummmmm Hunted or whatever supposedly someone at the Roadhouse told Gordon about Sam
[ profile] randomfangirl29: and everyone decided it was Ash not sure why
Me: oooh
Me: Yes.
Me: You know, you're only spoking the fires of my crack-theories.
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So, tonight I'm going to do things a little differently; throw a curveball at the world so to speak. I'm going to liveblog during the commercial breaks.

Well, that's my intention, anyway. What I end up doing will probably be something more along the lines of drawing Sam and hellhounds and also laughing ridiculously because for some reason--even though I haven't gotten sleep in two or three nights--I am rather insanely hyper.

I think [ profile] randomfangirl29 is going to kill me. :)

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