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Well, I finally made a Sam-centric fanvid. And it only took me one day! I clipped, downloaded episodes, and hacked away in Premiere like a madwoman off-and-on all day, just to bring you my reaction to 4x20.

There are spoilers for that episode within this, btw. Oh, and massive, massive amounts of angst.

Once again, I'm completely spoilerfree, so please refrain from any spoilers in the comments. I'll be x-posting this in the morning, but until then? I stay up all night with [ profile] awkwardjonas and [ profile] woodstarling SLEEP FOR THREE DAYS.

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So me and [ profile] randomfangirl29 are watching Born Under a Bad Sign (as one is wont to do after escaping the bowels of higher education), and we realized Kripke was telling us something even then.

Meg!Sam: Dean, back from the dead. Getting to be a regular thing for you, isn't it?

Y'all, maybe it's the fact that I've been up for near 24 straight hours, but I laughed for 6 straight minutes.

Also I've decided that in Nightmare? When Sam moves the closet? He didn't have telekinesis. It was Castiel. THIS EXPLAINS WHY HE DOESN'T HAVE TELEKINESIS. I WIN AT RETCONS. KRIPKE SHOULD HIRE ME.

Oh crap and now we're arguing about watching Houses of the Holy. It used to be my favorite episode, y'all. I really wasn't kidding when I said the only thing Kripke now owes me is unicorns. And moar Father Gregory. Fwrowr. Even the fake angels on this show are hot.

Alright I'm really, really done now. Ahhhh I'm going to post a crapton of music tomorrow for y'all to make up for my internet!death over the past.... however long that was. I seriously don't know; I've literally been trapped in a room with no hope of escape BUT NOW I AM FREE.

Oh crap now we're watching Houses. It makes me squeel with gleeeeee. Isn't Raphael just another name for Uriel? Because Dean's face whilst the Priest tells them about him makes me lol. Actually damn near everything is making me laugh hysterically right now.

I should sleep, but I'm too busy celebrating by being a huge unashamed nerrrrrrd.

ALSO MY PAPER I JUST FINISHED? I wrote it on Slaughterhouse-Five, wherein the main character has a bed with magic fingers. CROSSOVER! XDDD

Oh wow that would be the crackiest crossover ever.

First person to write me the crack!fic where Billy Pilgrim and Dean Winchester meet each other gets the undivided attention of my crazy!



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