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Well, I finally made a Sam-centric fanvid. And it only took me one day! I clipped, downloaded episodes, and hacked away in Premiere like a madwoman off-and-on all day, just to bring you my reaction to 4x20.

There are spoilers for that episode within this, btw. Oh, and massive, massive amounts of angst.

Once again, I'm completely spoilerfree, so please refrain from any spoilers in the comments. I'll be x-posting this in the morning, but until then? I stay up all night with [ profile] awkwardjonas and [ profile] woodstarling SLEEP FOR THREE DAYS.

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I just walked across campus twice in the ice and cold and wind and snow, and I can't feel my feet, but I don't care.


*dances around with GLEE*

Now I just have to pick a minor.
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Yeah so, I love the internet. <3

I'm having trouble getting the melodica I want for under $30, but it's not like there's any shortage of them, and I've seen them go for under $30, and I really don't have much more than that to spend, so you know. There you have it. I'll get it eventually. I've always wanted to do a cover of "Just the Right Bullets" by Tom Waits, and it just would work so perfectly with that. I'm a little excited. :)

On the projects front, some good news and a little bad. When we sprayed the final finish on our guns, my gun started losing its paint straight down to the plastic in a few patches, and we don't know why the hell it happened. So I'm a little pissed off about that, but it won't be too too hard to go back and put a little paint on it to touch up. I just need to find the time to do it.

But! I got all kinds of black feathers for $1 a pack, and 10 peacock swords, and I'm going to start putting the wings together next weekend. Means I have to come home again next weekend, but maybe I can get away with just staying one day. I just don't want to drag my sewing machine to school, or get into a situation where I'm dragging my wings between two places. But they're going to look AMAZING, so there is that. :D

Lastly, I finally started work on my Supernatural necklace! HUZZAH! Yeah nothing is attached to it, but almost, ok? I found a ton of charms in a bead store that would work perfectly with it, so now I have a little black bird, and a Colt charm, and it's going to be epic. Then I have to make four more, and my giant hands are making it difficult to close jump rings, but I don't care because they look so awesome. :D

I didn't have to go to church today and the extra sleeping in was nice.

Also I love The Smiths today.

I should post that Ruby fanmix soon.

And the picture of Katie Cassidy I've been working on.

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Alright, so here goes nothing.

I've been toying with the idea of making myself a Supernatural poster by drawing a huge group picture of just about everyone in the Show ever for a while. I've been whittling down a list of 86 people/monsters/things for a LONG time, and I just can't do it anymore. So I started drawing it.

Sam, Dean, John, Mary, and the Metallicar <3 )

Unfortunately, I don't think the list of characters is small enough; I'm still at 43. So I decided to enlist the help of my flist, since the vast majority of y'all will have an opinion. And I promise to take some kind of decent quality picture of this thing once it's finished. In 2052.

There are undoubtedly some characters on here that will make you say "WTF why are they even on there", but I LIKE FATHER GREGORY IN A WAY THAT MIGHT BE UNHOLY. So there's your answer. But seriously. I'm going to refer to these results if it comes to having to vote someone off, so choose carefully because their fate rests in your hands. No pressure. (DUN DUN DUUUUH)

[Poll #1322049]

I promise no more polls today. :D


Dec. 21st, 2008 10:12 pm
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I LOVE [ profile] randomfangirl29. <3333333333

So for those of you who missed the voice post from earlier, I was having a random conversation with her the other day and offhandedly mentioned that she should draw something from every episode of Supernatural. She decided to draw Furbie, the little horse that she draws, frolicking in every episode.

Every. Episode.

She's on No Rest. When she finishes, I'm stealing the little book of them and scanning them ALL because I seriously sat there and laughed for 15 straight minutes reading through the first and second seasons. <33333333

So yes. I'm bringing you illustrated crack tonight, but for once I'm not responsible for creating it! :D

The Supernatural Adventures of Furbie )

Ahhhh I wish I'd gotten Playthings; Furbie gets drunk with Sam. XD


On a slightly sane note, I'll be gone to Cincinnati all day tomorrow to get a new battery for my laptop at the Mac Store, and try to buy some black jeans. Hopefully I'll return to y'all with some art to show for the car trip.
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This moment has been brought to you by After Effects, and my ridiculous need to always spam, and I guess I'll wish those of you in the US a happy Thanksgiving while I'm at this ridiculousness and EEEEE IT WORKS! IT WORKS IT WORKS!!!! SOMETIMES GIVING UP AND NOT READING THE BOOK IS THE SMART THING TO DO!
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Banner by the ever-lovely [ profile] tahu, to whom I may soon sell my soul.

I may have mentioned this before, but I've been planning to make this video since I 1) heard about this song and 2) heard there would be an episode about little!Mary. No specific plot details, I just knew I wanted to use the song.

Well, it worked out much better than I expected. :) The video is super dark, so click to watch it in high quality if that's at all possible, but... I love it. I do. I should go back and brighten it up but I feel like I've been working on it forever and I just don't want to. *fails at life*

So here's your obligatory links: DivX (high quality): 7.6 MB - Quicktime Mov (low quality): 25.3 MB - Youtube

And now, I really should study for my midterm. *galavants off to do that*
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You guys, you guys, you guys, Omg omg omg, TOMORROW IS THURSDAY, GLORIOUS THURSDAY.

Aaaaaaaand I'm not going to get my "Road So Far" video done. Because I don't feel like getting clips. Because I am criminally lazy. Alas. But I might finish it later (in all honesty, I probably won't).

And yeah. Turns out Dayna isn't going to be able to make it to Pie Day on time, and therefore, we're not going to be able to start the episode until 9:30PM or thereabouts. Yeah. I know. [ profile] randomfangirl29 is like threatening me bodily harm for this, but the fangirls that stick together are the fangirls that get rewarded by Kripke or some such nonsense, so wait we will.

But! Because I'm not finished with my video, I thought I'd at least share with you the titlecard I made to go with it. Because I am quite proud. Unfortunately, I can't get the sound to work with it, but.... make some crashy-boom noises while you watch it. I guarantee it will liven up the experience.

On that note, if any of y'all are vidders and want my After-Effects-y services, I will provide them. I really suck at the vidding/clipping aspect of this whole thing, but I love making little titles and doing the SFX. So... if you're interested or someone you know, pass it on.
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I'm sick of waiting for the "The Road So Far" promo for SPN this year.

So I'm making my own this weekend. Help me make a really important decision. :) Suggestions that isn't on this list are also appreciated. :) And keep in mind that I'm going to edit the song down to where it's only about a minute/minute and a half. That's how I roll.

If you haven't heard the song, download links are provided for your convenience. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

[Poll #1249775]
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So, tomorrow, in the course of getting tickets for Batman, we might go see Wall*E.


Pixar always finds a way to warm the cockles of my black, black soul. I love their movies, and Ratatouille was especially amazing, which means they're just getting better. This movie's trailer makes me cry with happiness and child-like joy.

I'm way excited.


So yeah, anyways. My dad was recently given some Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Graeter's Ice Cream (YES IN ALL CAPS, IT IS THAT HOLY), and if you haven't ever eaten this, you know not my joy. There are chunks of chocolate in this stuff that you can't even imagine. I can have some whenever I want until we run out of it. It's seriously hampering my attempts to eat healthier. But it's so damn delicious. <3333

Also, I'm working on a new video for [ profile] tahu's friend about Cloverfield that is fast turning into the crackiest thing I have ever made. This is not an understatement, and I've made some cracky things. Just ask Michael Rosenbaum.
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Ok, I told myself I wasn't going to do this, but here I am, so I'll just get it over with. I haven't read the replies to my previous post yet, but I wanted to thank those of you who've left them. Every now and then, I get into a funk where I just don't want to deal with something anymore, for whatever reason, so I don't. I'm probably going to go through it all tomorrow, or sometime this week. So y'all will probably get replies from me and wonder what that's all about. So there's that.

Speaking of things that I just stop dealing with after a while, the Chapter 4 Oekaki is most likely going to be shut down. I don't know if anyone on my flist even uses it anymore, which really speaks to the fact that... I haven't been there since I started school in the fall. Anyways, I don't go there, its largely inactive, and its getting the hell spammed out of it. So when my family switches hosting companies, I'm just going to let it die a quiet death. It's kind of sad, cause I've run it for years, and its where I learned a lot artistically, and made some really great friends/met some really amazing artists. I wish we could go back to the heyday, but that's just not going to happen. Ah, well. Good times were had.

In other, brighter news, I downloaded "Heavenly Creatures" today. Apparently it's a spectacular movie for which Peter Jackson is responsible, so [ profile] randomfangirl29 and I are going to watch it tomorrow. Maybe. If we don't just spend all our time watching con videos. :)

So this post is less srs bizness, a meme. )
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So... I'm done. :) I finished my jumpback sometime last night, and put the final titlecard in about 2 hours ago. Then I showed it to my parents--the ultimate test of movie-awesomeness. My dad because he can spot cheese and understands all the technical crap, and my mom because she knows what she likes and she doesn't understand any of the technical crap. <3 They've never failed me before, and my mom said I could totally blame it all on her when if I lose, so... \o/

Watch my epic masterpiece! )

That concludes tonight's narcissism. Thank you, and goodnight. <3
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I'm probably the biggest idiot on the face of the earth.

But before we get into that, some self-back-patting! \o/ I got two questions that I was relatively prepared for on my history test, and an A on my paper. Here's hoping that's a sign of things to come.

Now onto my idiocy. I've been working on my "Making the Cut" project over the past two months off and on because I've finally gotten all my stuff together and yeah. I pretty much finished my jumpback yesterday, and am now looking at cranking out something else tomorrow. And because I can make polls, POLL! :D

[Poll #1144743]

Yeah... seriously. Please stop me from my Smallville-related madness. [ profile] randomfangirl29 and I were discussing the moment it jumped the shark last night and I was suddenly overcome with the urge to make a video to the version of "Holding Out For A Hero" that they use in Shrek 2 because it starts all slow then goes to techno and would be HILARIOUS. But now I'm starting to think that I should make an actually serious video for it because 1) that show has some serious explodey moments, and that makes for easier trailer-making and 2) I really, badly want to win this contest. Seriously. Dude. *cough*

But it has fully sunk in that I probably won't with what I currently have. Just... I saw some of last years entrants that I thought were amazing and was all "Why didn't these spectacular videos win?" and... I don't know. My video is highly visually edited, and the winner last year was all about sound. So I'm thinking about throwing in some effects to increase my video's awesome quotient. Because it is awesome. Just... maybe in a different direction than they're looking for and IS IT OBVIOUS THAT I AM STRESSED ABOUT THIS OR WHAT? O.O

*goes back to endlessly changing the shade of green on her moldy-looking-jumpback*
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This week is going to be the absolute best I have ever had. In recent memory, at least. :)

Today: I got really caught up on my sleep and had some Ben & Jerry's. Mmmm, Cherry Garcia. Despite the fact that this means I should probably hit the gym at least five times this week. *headdesk* Also, President's Day = major marathons on just about every channel. Oh, Project Runway, how you are my other other guilty pleasure and yet not guilty at all because I am kind of getting obsessed with clothes lately. And also Tim Gunn is LOVE.

Tomorrow: I'm going to Maegan's for dinner. Or at least, I hope I am. That's the plan, anyway. I saw Maegan this weekend and we reminisced about the good ol' days when we were both in high school (I can't believe it's been 2 years, holy crap), and plotted going to see Indiana Jones in May. She wants to make pants with points on them. I second this idea, though there's a part of me that wants to go an even more steampunk route with a vest and a sort of half-dress thing like Amanda Palmer had on in that Umbrella video. But I digress. Here's hoping for some Potato Chip Chicken. Mmmm. :)

Wednesday: Dinner with my family! And I finish with Acutane. FOREVER. And ever. And get to wear tanktops this summer. And make backless costumes. Oh, the intense joy of it all. Plus, I may have a stupid campfire gather-round with my brother and play some ukulele. I'm definitely getting a little better. It's very exciting. :)

Thursday: Really, do I even need to say it? OMG JUS IN BELLO. And Nightshifter, which is the first episode of Supernatural that I ever really watched, so... it's like coming full-circle in some weird, twisted kind of way. Also, Henricksen is love, and I am weak, so I know that I love the released clips. Oh how this episode will be EPIC. :) Also, at least two pies (Apple and blackberry, this time), and we may throwback to our first pie-making adventure and use powdered sugar instead of flour. I'm highly doubting this, as it's my mother's ingredients we'll be using and she's surely not replaced it all by now. Heh... the ways in which we are like 3-year-olds are uncountable. <3

Friday: Um, it'll be Friday. What's BETTER than that? And one Friday closer to Spring Break. I dunno; I'll have to find something highly exciting to do then.

Saturday: I finish my Making the Cut project. I've officially veered off into crazy-territory wherein I may be using too much Christian imagery, but... the show kind of was for a while there. I don't know; knowing the things I now know about S3, I may slap together a second one during the final week. Even though I'll be taking a midterm that week. My really terrible ideas, let me show you them.
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I found an AWESOME site for ukulele tabs, and thus... my weekend was made. :)

Course, I spent the vast majority of the weekend pretending to study whilst really playing said ukulele, but peh. I just got back from my Political Science test, and if I don't say so myself... well... er... I don't actually know that I did amazingly, but I'm thinking it was at least a solid B. Which would be nice. *crosses fingers*

That being said, I'm done with class for the day. :) And since I don't have any immediate impending doom tests to contend with, I might have to work on my "Making the Cut" project, which fills my heart with GREAT JOY. I honestly can't wait until I can show it off to the world. So yeah. Just a month left. :) I was going to do two, but then... college came and ate my January, so... yeah. I'll be lucky to get the first one up to my specifications. *headdesk*

I'm also going to enter a contest to be on a G4 show. Why the hell not? They're looking for young girls who like to play video games, and that just so happens to be me, so... yeah. Never said anything about having to look good enough to appear on TV. I'm assuming they'll regret leaving that out when they get my audition tape, but yeah. Whoo.

And to top off my Things-I'll-never-get-but-wouldn't-it-be-cool-if-I-did Hat Trick, my dad wants me to submit a tape of some of the highlights we did for the football video to the local news station and just see if they'll let me do some editing work for them or whatever. I honestly think this is my longest shot simply because um... I'm not that versed in football and the only reason I knew how to put it together was because my dad gave me the clips. So... probably not the best course of action.

I was going to try and go as long as I could without knowing who won the Superbowl, but alas, Megan ruined it for me as soon as she came over last night. XD So yeah. Also, the Iron Man trailer is awesome. I saw it online and became rather excited. :)
This is getting long, and what follows is rambly college stuff. :D )
Anyways. Maybe I'll play KotOR today. I have to do something to make up for all that excessive studying I did this weekend. Ugh. Plus, I just got off of Taris, so... the game is BOUND to get fun at some point. I mean, Juhani! Juhani is coming! :D I should totally fanart for KotOR again sometime. I miss it.

Also? How much do I love the new fandom-wide appreciation of Ruby? SO MUCH. <3

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So my spoiler? My Supernatural spoiler of epic proportions? It's legit. And so I begin my pining for the fact that I'm going to be anxious for the rest of the season. Even though I know hardly anything. XD

*le sigh*

So.... yeah. This entire Christmas Break is going to be filled with me making Supernatural fan-things. First, there's the animation project which is a kinda-sorta-maybe-secret because I don't know if I'll have enough time/drive to finish it. There's a plot, and a little art, but the animation is the big thing. If I can get that done, I can search for voice actors. But I've said too much. XD

Secondly, me and [ profile] randomfangirl29 are making a live action Supernatural fanfilm. I don't know what we're going to do for sure, but I will be working on my special effects, and since I'm stuck out in her neck of the woods for five days, we can work something out. :) Also, my car = Metallicar. Except instead of Metallica, Led Zeppelin. I'm still working on the name. It's difficult. Leave me alone. D:

But yeah. Dog is going to be a hell hound even though he's not black, and Annie is going to be his sidekick or something. Also, there may be a ghost. Good times for all, eh? :D

Then, I have the Promax video, which I'll need to get some massive After Effects work done for if I want to have a fighting chance of actually entering the contest. Yeah. Stupid Mac.

*<3's Dionysus* LIES, COMPY. LIES! I LOVE YOU.


So yeah, those are my plans. I've got 4 weeks of break for the first time in my life, and I have productive things to do during them. My productiveness just happens to revolve around Supernatural. Is that so wrong? :)

In closing, snow is not supposed to be gloomy. It is supposed to be magical. Kentucky, your weather sucks.
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So I've been listening to Mad World all day today. Many things have arisen because of this.

1) Promax announced their second "Making the Cut" competition, and since I'm now in college, I can enter. Yay, me. Supernatural is involved again, so I want to enter, but that's beside the point. I would enter if the only show was Gossip Girls. Honestly, I would. So I downloaded their footage, and started watching it and recognized the Hells Bells promo without Hells Bells playing and I don't know what that means about me. But I'm thinking about using Mad World for my song... Just don't know if that's the most efficient thing to do. Maybe a little too angsty, but they didn't provide any clips from Bad Day at Black Rock, so they're obviously not looking for delightful-crack-tastic-ness.

I can tell from the footage they've provided that I'm supposed to introduce the girls, but I have this beautiful silent, slow motion movie half-fully-formed in my mind, and it's fantastic. I just... I know exactly the sort of eerie quality I want it to have. There aren't too many brother moments in the clips they gave me, but I'm going to frankenstitch some together and oh yes. You will all see. Even if I don't win the competition, you will all see. My pro-ness.


2) I realized the Gary Jules version was a cover, so I went looking for the original by Tears for Fears. Everyone in the world needs to watch this video. Now. Seriously. At least watch til about halfway through. Trust me, you'll know when you get there.

Mad World - Tears for Fears

3) I need to see Donnie Darko. I've never watched the whole thing in one sitting. Seriously. I need a good cry or something. Also Frank is love.

My finals got jumbled about, and now I have two on Monday, and one on Wednesday. So I'm officially on Christmas break next Wednesday at 3:00PM. Probably before, as it's my Astronomy Final, and I don't expect it to take up the whole class. Oh yes.

Also, my high school football team made it to State. :) So I'm skipping Final Reviews on Friday to drive with my family to Louisville for the weekend. We will party and partake of the greatest muffins in the world, and win. Also, my brother will play. And I will not freeze to my death.

Hopefully, I will tun out to be a good psychic.

Tonight in closing, I will deliver my thoughts on why Ruby has to die. (No Spoilers; I don't know anything... heh) )
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*deep intake of breath*

I talked to my mom tonight when she brought me back to school from a doctor's appointment. She's taking me with her to Mexico next summer when she has to go there for work. It's exciting. But anyways, I asked her the exact dates. She told me. They're close to Comic-Con. Like, I could go for at least one day close. And I just might. :) It's sort of on the way! Seriously! Like WHOO.

This won't satiate my need for Comic-Con, as I'm going to need the 5 full days before my life is completed, but one day is better than none, I always say. Just... wow. Full of crazy-awesome. That's what this is. I'm super-pumped.

I mean, Sunday was when Supernatural was there last year. Can we please have this again? Oh please, oh please? PLEASE. *hyperventilates*

In other news, my roommate's friend is coming in tonight and will be staying with us all weekend. Should prove interesting; she likes Boy Meets World, apparently. I'm super excited about this for some reason. Also, they're going off to get their noses pierced, and Megan from across the hall is getting a tattoo. I want to do a stupid college thing, and I've got a little money left over from Chicago, so.... I'm sort of maybe possibly thinking about getting another hole in my ear? I honestly don't know, and probably won't. But it's something to think about, eh? I used to really want to, but now my hair pretty much covers my ears all the time, and just... I don't know. My impulsive side needs to come back. :) It'd be good times.

Last night's SPN episode was fantastic. Sera Gamble is my favorite person in the world. Seriously, y'all. Role model and all that jazz.

Oh! And over the upcoming breaks from school I'm going to be working on some kind of large project. I'm hoping it's going to be flash-based, but... that may prove too hard to pull off. It's not going to stop me from trying, though. The plan right now is to do something Supernatural-based, but I need a style that's easy to animate, so... we (Me and Sabrina) were thinking possibly powder-puff girls style. It's quick, vector-y, and therefore easy. So... yeah. All we really need is plot.

The reason I bring this up is because I drew a PPG-style Sam and Dean today. With no references, so they're a little... off. But they're still more adorable than words. So there's that. :) I'll be scanning them and a lot of other art tonight, so... there's that to look forward to. :D



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