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Well, I finally made a Sam-centric fanvid. And it only took me one day! I clipped, downloaded episodes, and hacked away in Premiere like a madwoman off-and-on all day, just to bring you my reaction to 4x20.

There are spoilers for that episode within this, btw. Oh, and massive, massive amounts of angst.

Once again, I'm completely spoilerfree, so please refrain from any spoilers in the comments. I'll be x-posting this in the morning, but until then? I stay up all night with [ profile] awkwardjonas and [ profile] woodstarling SLEEP FOR THREE DAYS.

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I won't be on much, but I will gloat. :D

Also, I just opened up my computer, and it put me on Mexican Google. Small things like that shouldn't make my day, but they totally do. :D

My last flight was seriously delayed, so I spent the whole time drawing. (Ruby/Watchmen characters) )

I'm probably going to flesh out the Watchmen characters later. I just LOVE the way the Ruby one came out; there are a bunch of random doodles on the page, and then I starting really sketchily drawing a chick with a knife, and then there was Ruby, and then I had a two hour flight with no more Batman left to read, so I actually took my time and shaded it decently. :D YAY

Alright, I'm going to the beach. \o/



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