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Well, I finally made a Sam-centric fanvid. And it only took me one day! I clipped, downloaded episodes, and hacked away in Premiere like a madwoman off-and-on all day, just to bring you my reaction to 4x20.

There are spoilers for that episode within this, btw. Oh, and massive, massive amounts of angst.

Once again, I'm completely spoilerfree, so please refrain from any spoilers in the comments. I'll be x-posting this in the morning, but until then? I stay up all night with [ profile] awkwardjonas and [ profile] woodstarling SLEEP FOR THREE DAYS.

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I need a new header. I've got the base of it done, and I know exactly what I want it to look like, I just don't know who to put on it. So... help? Pictures are helpful, too, but not necessary. If I can just figure out who I want on it, the rest should follow.

I just caught up on Dollhouse and Castle, and I'm almost caught up on HIMYM. Also I actually started work on my Sooper Sekrit ProjectTM last night. I'm pretty much the most productive person you've ever heard of.

In fact, I'm being so productive I think I've earned some Rock Band time. My brother bought me Losing My Religion, and we moved over all our old songs from the first game earlier this week. \o/

Also [ profile] tahu is back at school and should upload my video clips so I can do a con report. ;D ;D ;D

Oh man. Now my mom has some kind of design show on off of HGTV and they are making the most horrific room ever. O.o Which totally reminds me that lately we've been watching this show off BBC America called "How Not to Decorate", and it's basically the greatest show I've ever seen in my entire life. Mostly because I enjoy a good trainwreck, and they always go back to these horrific looking houses after they've fixed them to see if they kept everything the designers put in and it's generally hilarious.

And now I'm off to ROCK. This ramble has been fun.



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