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[ profile] lessrest requested a Castiel + sparkly halo icon, and I thought this might be relevant to everyone else's interest.

And this is for [ profile] worshipthedean but I'm showing it to y'all because SPARKLES.


*goes back to sleeping/watching old Monty Python sketches on youtube/making sparkly icons*e
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[ profile] woodstarling and I are just too awesome for this world.

So y'all know I just finished that epic picture the other night, and I'm proud of it and blah-di-blah-di-blah. Well. I couldn't shut up about how much Castiel's hand looked like a crab claw (because it does). Then [ profile] woodstarling kept saying "CLASPCLASP" and somewhere down the line we decided that if Castiel had a crab claw, it would contain the power to create virgins (natch), and OH SWEET LORD I NEED SLEEP AND INSTITUTIONALIZATION PROBABLY WOULDN'T HURT EITHER.

This concludes your nightly crack from me. Carry on, carry on.
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I'm finally done with [ profile] breakinporcelan's request!

She wanted Castiel and Misha having a ~*dazzle off*~, and I started working on some lineart whilst writing my papers. Then LJ told me her birthday was today. So here I am. :D

Be warned: What follows here is possibly the crackiest crack to ever crack upon the earth. )

Have a very happy and Misha-tastic birthday! :D



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