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I made these for [ profile] woodstarling. If you'd like to understand, please watch this video. )

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So I finished my first project for Photoshop class and my teacher loved it and I'm kind of proud of it, so I'm showing it to y'all. :D

And now the war is over... )

I know none of my posts have been very substantive lately. I'm a little scattered; school kinda broke me this week. I promise to attempt catching up on my flist this weekend. Hell, I may even get that meme started.
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I should probably post over at [ profile] mishaland for this, but I figured I'd take some time to talk with the rest of my flist.

Basically, here's the deal: I'm stuck in Photoshop class for at least 3 hours, probably 4. I know all the basic stuff, which is what she's teaching. This leaves me 3 hours of solid boredom during which I make macros/surf the internets.

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to install an IM program on the school's computers, so it's a lonely existence. I also don't have my tablet, so I'm limited to making really, really hilariously bad manips for great justice.

So help me entertain myself! Talk to me, ask me to make you an icon, tell me about your day, show me hilarious macros. You know. Fun times. And for my newer flisters, I guess I could get to know you a little better if you happen to be online right now. :)

So the offer stands from now until about 5PM EST.
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I'd be spoilerfree. It'd be grand. It's getting to be about that time again, though, so I'll probably stop soon. Mmmmm, finale. <3 In any case, I promise to stop spamming my flist with my random amusement.

I've been home alone all day being generally bored and staring at pictures of Katie Cassidy. I worked a little bit on my Ruby fanmix that has no purpose other than to alleviate boredom, and I decided it needed a little graphic to go with it. Unfortunately, my brain was still twisted from the past few days (read: claspclasp), so I didn't realize what I had done until it was too late.

Hide your small children and furry animals D: )

In other news, [ profile] woodstarling is my HERO: she made a Castiel-related ytmnd <3333 I've got this feeling I'm never going to be able to go back to having a normally-functioning brain.

Right now I think I'm going to go run for a little while, since no one is online. I can't wait until it's warm enough to run outside again; this cold and rainy weather is my least favorite thing ever.

Tomorrow I'll be alone without a car all over again, so expect me to serenade you.

ETA: Guess who has a new header that is BASICALLY THE BEST THING EVER?
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[ profile] woodstarling and I are just too awesome for this world.

So y'all know I just finished that epic picture the other night, and I'm proud of it and blah-di-blah-di-blah. Well. I couldn't shut up about how much Castiel's hand looked like a crab claw (because it does). Then [ profile] woodstarling kept saying "CLASPCLASP" and somewhere down the line we decided that if Castiel had a crab claw, it would contain the power to create virgins (natch), and OH SWEET LORD I NEED SLEEP AND INSTITUTIONALIZATION PROBABLY WOULDN'T HURT EITHER.

This concludes your nightly crack from me. Carry on, carry on.
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So I'm going to go ahead and blame [ profile] emotikka for linking Ariel and Uriel in my head for the rest of forever, so much so that [ profile] tahu and I got into a discussion about who the other Disney Princesses would correlate to.

I should have my Photoshop license revoked. )

Click the thumbnail to see more clearly what I have wrought. I have a wallpaper version if anyone's interested.

*goes back to getting actual work done*

*ok not really*




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