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I had a whole big bunch of spare time today, so I drew some puffs.

Yeah that's about all I have to say about that )

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I WIN! I DIDN'T TALK ABOUT SUPERNATURAL IN MY LJ FOR A WHOLE WEEK. So now I win fabulous prizes from [ profile] tahu. I have no idea what it will be, but I'm sort of hoping it's Misha. Hey, I have dreams.

Today I decided to buy a melodica, but that's not what you're here for. :)

(Click for the larger version, I have a bigger one/blanks if anyone's interested, y'all know the drill by now.)

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Click to make it bigger!

If you want a wallpaper size this is the download link for you!

Me and [ profile] randomfangirl would like to wish you a happy new year and now I think we're going to make omelets because OMELETS TASTE BETTER IN 2009! \o/

*has had too many blue mountain dews*
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I've been meaning to make icons for a while now, but they were so insane I kept putting it off. No longer; tonight I bring you: my most cracktastic icons ever.

1-6: Powerpuff Supernatural
7-9: Inspired by [ profile] popcornleader
10: Inspired by the extreme lack of appreciation my flist seems to have for Father Gregory
11-15: Inspired by [ profile] woodstarling
16-18: Various Reddit jokes

Some of these are intensely random )

I'm actually thinking about making a Powerpuff SPN comm, I just can't think of a name. Anyone who has any suggestions/an idea for a layout/wants to help me maintain it because I am lazy will be incredibly appreciated in a way that might get you a request or something!

And speaking of requests, I'll be working on my last two tonight and tomorrow. Fear not, I haven't forgotten! :)
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I figure I'm gonna be pretty busy tomorrow what with the massive amounts of Rock Band I intend to be playing with my cousins, so I thought I'd wish y'all a pre-emptive Merry Christmas. :D

Of course it comes with a picture! )

Probably not as awesome as the Ghostfacers video (how the hell did no one know this thing was getting made? CORBETT IS AN ANGEL YOU GUYS I TOTALLY CALLED IT. ;D ;D ;D), but hopefully it will bring happiness to someone.

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I went out of order because [ profile] littlepaperswan fixed the animated Misha icon from the previous post. BECAUSE SHE IS AWESOME. <3

Dean and Castiel Puffs from 4x03 )

I'm kind of really in love with how adorable they are. <3

I should really get to work on my finals for now, though, so I wouldn't really expect another picture to get finished before at least Tuesday. I probably will slack off and not write my papers, but I really should, so..... if you don't hear from me, it's a good sign. I mostly know what I'm going to do for them and I'm looking forward to them, so you know. I'll do them as soon as I have free time. :)

[ profile] woodstarling and I should be kept separated for the benefit of all mankind. Trufax. Omfg mishmallows. <3

Today's song is December by Regina Spektor because I loooooove herrrrrr. It's an unreleased demo, and it's short, and she does a faux cockney accent at the end and you know you want it. <3
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I officially give up.

I did draw the Apush beast today for the first time in a long time, though, along with a few craptacular self-portraits, so whatever. I'm working on it. The thing was that I wasn't working on plain old anatomical sketches like I was supposed to, I was working on just about everything with the intention that it would end up as fanart because I am addicted to positive reinforcement. At least now I'm working on what I want, and I'm working on a much wider breadth of stuff, so I'm not quite as mad at myself artistically.


Now I've got two papers, one of which is due next Wednesday, and neither of which I've started. I should probably be getting on that. I have just about zero motivation, though. Also I need to go to the store or I'm not going to have anything to eat for dinner or lunch tomorrow, nor will I have anything to drink. So. There you are. Tonight I'm going to try to get the first paper at least halfway done (it's only gotta be 6 pages), which is totally doable, and it's not like it's due tomorrow. I feel pretty mellow about the whole thing, tbqh, which is probably good.

Now if I could just convince myself to trudge all the way to the store through the freezing mushy wilderness. Yeeeeeeah not quite as excited about the snow anymore.
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Well, I had to sit around and wait on the mailman for about 2 hours this morning; you might've noticed me around.

In addition to this, LJ is telling me that it's [ profile] kateg123's birthday, so of course, I doodled a little doodle for her amidst my doodling. Naturally. :) Happy birthday!

I also did some sketches of my Rock Band character, Ruby (of course), and some KotOR stuff. But they're really terrible, so I'll put them up later, if at all. :D My aunt (the one I was dogsitting for) brought me socks back with her, and all is generally right and well with the world, hooray. I even got to walk home and sing Beirut songs at the top of my lungs. <3
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I want to send a Postcard to the Supernatural studio. I've wanted to do this for quite some time.

I think I'm going to send them something with my Puffchesters on them; My plan is kind of to send something with the Dean being chased by the hellhounds on the front, and this madness on the back. Anyways, I need the address, but I'm sure I'll find it.

All I really wanted to say was...

Elizabeth is officially out of Mountain Dew, and this is why. )

That's Ruby, Sam, and... let's call him Snowflake. :) And yes, that's a rainbow.

And yes, we're going to try to buy tickets for Wall*E right now. Wish us luck!!! :D
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I have created the perfect storm. I have made something downright adorable whilst sating my lust for gore and need to draw Dean being mauled by hellhounds.

It's the most beautiful example of cognitive dissonance I have ever created. And I loved every minute of it. XDDD I just wish it didn't look so much like crap. I suppose that's what I get for doodling it on scrap paper with a ballpoint pen while waiting for my print job to finish. It was just too awesome to throw out, so I colored it with my prismas tonight.

Anyway, enough babbling about the picture, let's get on with this show.

PPG-style Dean being chased/mowed down by hellhounds (Click for full-view) )

I cannot WAIT for tomorrow night, y'all. CANNOT.
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Sara: Make me start on my flash movie.
Sara: I really need to start today so I can maybe finish tomorrow.
Sara: I think I can do it in two days if it's short.
Elizabeth: cutting it a little close aren't you???
Sara: I've decided it's the story of when the Crossroads!Demon comes to collect Dean's soul.
Sara: Possibly?
Sara: Also, just realized the Crossroads!Demon is dead.
Sara: Hm.
Elizabeth: huh this is what??????
Sara: Flash movie
Elizabeth: you just realized this???
Sara: Devil Went Down to Georgia.
Sara: ....maybe.
Elizabeth: took you this long to figure that out??????
Sara: I'm ressurecting Gordon, can't I bring her back, too?
Elizabeth: I guess
Sara: Shut up, you know I'm slow.



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