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It's no secret that my big feminist hero #1 is Amanda Palmer. Today is her birthday, and she asked that her fans try to convert the uninitiated as a birthday present. I have no idea how many of you have never listened to any of her music/if there even are any of you, BUT HERE I GO!

Firstly, my favorite of her solo album videos:

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If you want to know how awesome a person she is, you can Read her blog, or follow her on Twitter. She's exactly the kind of rock star I aspire to be. <3
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Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last picture. You have no idea how happy inside they make me. <3

I've been incredibly bored all day today. I'm really art-ed out, and will be for a few more days, yet. I don't want to make a video because I'm too lazy to grab clips. No one is online to talk to, and my brother has co-opted the Xbox.

So I've mostly been spending the day with my piano. I want to make a video of me playing it for posterity, but I don't want it to be Moonlight Sonata or Lacrimosa because I've played them to death. I'd do "Genius Next Door", but it's really, really not in my vocal range, and I'd want to do it justice because it's one of my favorite songs. That leaves the Dresden Dolls songs. The funny thing about these books is that my favorite songs on CD are rarely my favorite to play; I used to hate "Perfect Fit", but I play it just about every time I sit down at a piano bench these days.

Just try to guess what my favorite song to play from Yes, Virginia is.

Of course it had to be "First Orgasm". Oh, Amanda Palmer and the ridiculous things you make me enjoy singing. I always hated the piano part of that song until I learned to play it. It also doesn't hurt that it's ridiculously easy. I'll probably just end up recording "Boston", though; I kind of love it and it's also got that easy thing going for it. Or maybe "The Sheep Song", even though I don't like it so much when it's me playing that one. Go figure.

Or maybe I'll just end up recording my Astronaut cover on my ukulele, and all evidence of my mad piano skillz will fade into obscurity.
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I've felt awful all day; I got a really terrible headache a few minutes after watching SPN with [ profile] randomfangirl29 last night. My mom thinks I've been getting migraines, but I think she's crazy. So... yeah. Sitting around and doing nothing ftw?

I'm trying to use every day I have left to do something mildly exciting. Yesterday I went outside and played my ukulele for a few hours; I'm sorta hoping to do something for Elephant Gun, but I probably never will. I'm lazy like that. Plus Premiere has been crashing my computer. Also, I have to work on that poster.

Today I played Rock Band with my brother. He lost his thumbnail at football practice today--I don't even want to know. He said it was intensely painful and then started describing it to me and I ran away. That's just gnarly.

So... yeah. I've been playing dress-up with all my new socks and skirts and my new boots. They're awesomely cozy, and I got them for $20 because I am so amazing at waiting and my feet are so obnoxiously huge that they always have my size left. Sometimes being freakishly tall has its advantages. They're flowery, but also black, so that's a plus. I've begun adding far too much black to my wardrobe; everything I've bought in the past few months has been black or grey. I don't know what this means, but at least everything will match my giant rainbow socks now.

Also, I can't stop watching Amanda Palmer's new song. I had no idea Ben Folds was producing her new album and omg. Omg I'm so excited. Just... !!!!!!!!!! This song is addictive. <33333333

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Dude, I'm getting ridiculously excited about tomorrow. :D "No Virginia" is coming out, as well as the Muse DLC for Rock Band, and I am just MUSIC'D OUT what with all my excitement. :) I even drew a picture of Amanda Palmer whilst printing once again (I'm basically printing and binding about 6 different copies of books; it's sorta crazy and/or ridiculous, and most certainly not what I signed up for, but hey! I'm getting paid! \o/), and I sorta like the way it turned out.

Pictuuuuure! )

I don't know if I'm going to color it, but... the legs definitely need some work. :/

I'm really starting to feel a bit of burning out coming on, though I don't know what for. I think it's because I"m staying up too late at night to physically be able to deal with getting up at 7AM every morning. Factor in the fact that I walk home about twice a week (I loooooove doing this. And will never trade my peaceful walk home whilst listening to the cheesiest possible metal for the WORLD. <3), and I'm just about feeling dead. I may take a small break from... everthing, so....... er.... Don't wonder if I fell in a pit (I probably did.) cause I'm just sleeping?

As for the title of this post, I was checking through my page this morning, and noticed that Coldplay was my top-played artist for the week. D: They released new tracks from their new album. They sound different/more better, I swear! THEIR MUSIC IS LIKE AURAL CRACK! Plus, I think one of the new songs is about Louis XIV, who I had to spend a lot of time learning about in my History class last semester, so I feel slightly justified. It makes me feel smart. Actually, I think I'm just gonna go with the crack thing. It seems to be my excuse for everything.
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This past week was my Spring Break, and I had a ton of down time to play around with Photoshop. Some of these are better than others, but I've never made icons for the general public before. Not that these were made with the intention of giving them out to the masses, just that I thought I'd share the fruits of my boredom with the world. [/ramble]

1-6 The Dresden Dolls
7-24 Ruby (Supernatural)

Ruby & The Dresden Dolls )

Credit is mandatory--comments are appreciated. Song lyrics are from "Good Day" - The Dresden Dolls, "Witchy Woman" - The Eagles, and "Demon's Eye" - Deep Purple. Screencaps are from [ profile] oxoniensis. Fonts from Dafont. Feel free to use these as bases. :)



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