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It's no secret that my big feminist hero #1 is Amanda Palmer. Today is her birthday, and she asked that her fans try to convert the uninitiated as a birthday present. I have no idea how many of you have never listened to any of her music/if there even are any of you, BUT HERE I GO!

Firstly, my favorite of her solo album videos:

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If you want to know how awesome a person she is, you can Read her blog, or follow her on Twitter. She's exactly the kind of rock star I aspire to be. <3
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Just to put this into perspective, I've been working on this since before Christmas break. Right after Heaven and Hell. Yeah. Yeah. I'm pretty exceptionally lazy.

It started off as just a regular old Castiel video, then it just kept getting slashier. So I went with it, and decided to push it as far as it would go. I... may have created a monster in so doing.

Probably the gayest fanvid you will ever see. Ever. In fact, I defy you to find a gayer one. I submit that it cannot be done. I mean, I worked for hours on making this the biggest, gayest video in the world. I deserve a medal.

Now I can focus on my studies fanart with my full attention. \o/
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Alright, so I finished this video because I had it sort of started, and then [ profile] woodstarling

So yeah, that's what I did today in the car. I want very badly to read through my flist but my eyes feel like they're going to fall straight out of my face right now, and all I seem to be capable of is laying face first on my pillow.

Though I did go back and brighten up "Runs in the Family" to submit to SVS so [ profile] popcornleader can GET OFF MY BACK AND LET ME GET BACK TO MY LIFE GOSH. (<3)
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Banner by the ever-lovely [ profile] tahu, to whom I may soon sell my soul.

I may have mentioned this before, but I've been planning to make this video since I 1) heard about this song and 2) heard there would be an episode about little!Mary. No specific plot details, I just knew I wanted to use the song.

Well, it worked out much better than I expected. :) The video is super dark, so click to watch it in high quality if that's at all possible, but... I love it. I do. I should go back and brighten it up but I feel like I've been working on it forever and I just don't want to. *fails at life*

So here's your obligatory links: DivX (high quality): 7.6 MB - Quicktime Mov (low quality): 25.3 MB - Youtube

And now, I really should study for my midterm. *galavants off to do that*
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You guys, you guys, you guys, Omg omg omg, TOMORROW IS THURSDAY, GLORIOUS THURSDAY.

Aaaaaaaand I'm not going to get my "Road So Far" video done. Because I don't feel like getting clips. Because I am criminally lazy. Alas. But I might finish it later (in all honesty, I probably won't).

And yeah. Turns out Dayna isn't going to be able to make it to Pie Day on time, and therefore, we're not going to be able to start the episode until 9:30PM or thereabouts. Yeah. I know. [ profile] randomfangirl29 is like threatening me bodily harm for this, but the fangirls that stick together are the fangirls that get rewarded by Kripke or some such nonsense, so wait we will.

But! Because I'm not finished with my video, I thought I'd at least share with you the titlecard I made to go with it. Because I am quite proud. Unfortunately, I can't get the sound to work with it, but.... make some crashy-boom noises while you watch it. I guarantee it will liven up the experience.

On that note, if any of y'all are vidders and want my After-Effects-y services, I will provide them. I really suck at the vidding/clipping aspect of this whole thing, but I love making little titles and doing the SFX. So... if you're interested or someone you know, pass it on.
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I'm so incredibly bad at stringing together clips from a tv show and making a coherent video out of them. But it's okay, because I was bored. :) Plus, I love Regina Spektor. Oh, yes. Indeed.


So I made a video with Dean and a little bit of Ruby and then Sam snuck in because holy crap who knew, he's in pretty much the whole show. ;) It was fun, and I hope to never do anything serious with my programs again. It is very sarcastic, though... I hope that came across. *headdesk* I probably should've worked longer on it, but... I was so sick of it by the end, that it's for the best that it's finished. :)

He's the hero of the story, and he doesn't need to be saved )



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