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"...the next four Thursdays will feature four new episodes of Supernatural leading up to the exciting season 4 finale on May 14 (despite early rumors that the show might have another break before the finale, we've confirmed that it's not true)." - Buddy TV (Spoilers at that link btw)


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I can't make a phone call, and Mishaland's livechat isn't working for me, and I can't squee anymore about this ep with [ profile] randomfangirl29 because we've already squeed ourselves hoarse.

So discuss with me!

AIM. KungPowCow01.


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I just walked across campus twice in the ice and cold and wind and snow, and I can't feel my feet, but I don't care.


*dances around with GLEE*

Now I just have to pick a minor.
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Click to make it bigger!

If you want a wallpaper size this is the download link for you!

Me and [ profile] randomfangirl would like to wish you a happy new year and now I think we're going to make omelets because OMELETS TASTE BETTER IN 2009! \o/

*has had too many blue mountain dews*
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This moment has been brought to you by After Effects, and my ridiculous need to always spam, and I guess I'll wish those of you in the US a happy Thanksgiving while I'm at this ridiculousness and EEEEE IT WORKS! IT WORKS IT WORKS!!!! SOMETIMES GIVING UP AND NOT READING THE BOOK IS THE SMART THING TO DO!


Nov. 14th, 2008 12:12 am
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New Watchmen Trailer

I have no more fears about this movie.

For those of you interested, I went out and downloaded the comic. It's a huge file... but read it if you can. It's fairly short.

Watchmen / Reader for *.cbr files

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Minor, not-plot-related Spoilers for Supernatural 4x09 )
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So, um, I hate to be like this, because I'm really a very friendly person, and I love new people to talk to, but I'm getting a little weirded out by this just because it's like... a huge influx, and I don't know why y'all want to friend me in the first place, so I don't know what to do. I AM FAILTASTIC AT LJ ETIQUETTE. ^_^;

So, yes. Onto my point, which is that a couple people have been randomly friending me and not leaving comments over the past few days. I wouldn't think anything of this, but my friend Amanda in art class was saying she'd stalk me on the internets, and I'm wondering how very serious she was, so I'm slightly paranoid one of y'all is her, and yeah. Also, I don't usually friend people back unless they let me know why they friended me in the first place and damn this is awkward.

So now that that ramble is over, I got a call from Dayna on the way back from class today. About this week's Supernatural. The teddy bear, naturally. I'm kind of excited that Supernatural is such cracky goodness that we're still talking about it. Mostly because I'm pretty sure, even in my unspoiled state, that this week and the next are going to kill us dead.

This weekend I'm scheduling classes for next semester, going to a UK football game purely for free food, and seeing James Bond purely for the Watchmen trailer. And, ok, fine, James Bond. Because I've not-so-secretly always wanted to be a spy and/or change my middle name to Danger. It will, needless to say, be epic.


Oct. 28th, 2008 11:52 pm
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Soooooooo I'm having the GREATEST WEEK EVER.

Seriously, stupendously busy, but FANTASTIC WEEK OMG.

My spider-web tights came in, and I'm wearing them far too much )

I'm attempting to put together a steampunk costume, a Bastila costume, and a pair of wings for god-knows-what-reason, and I'm basically perpetually drawing up plans for them. Maybe I'll post them here later because I've actually got a few construction questions I wonder if someone couldn't answer for me. Also, hearing all this awesome casting news about Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie has gotten me giddy and wanting to make a Queen of Hearts costume. Though I should totally be Alice, cause I've got the hair. Trufax.

Uggggh. I bought myself a Mountain Dew for dinner tonight, and I really shouldn't've because now I'm going to be up forever and I start to think everything is hilarious and I use way too many emoticons. It saddens me.

In other news, I'm a shameless art whore, and I'm pimping myself out on Gaia for commissions so I can dress my character in the proper attire. He needs a trenchcoat and some wings, and probably a nicer shirt. What? :P

Tomorrow I have to go down to the Communications building to declare a major or something and I don't have time and agghghghhg. What was I thinking when I scheduled my classes this semester? I'm wondering if I shouldn't take art off for a semester to give myself a little time to breathe... :/ I guess I'll see.

Thus concludes the most rambly and disjointed LJ post ever. I thank you for your time.
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Alright, I've got my caffeine, and I've got my ice cream.

I'm ready to watch the Sammich again... who's with me? :D

Shoot an IM off to KungPowCow01, and let [ profile] tahu, [ profile] randomfangirl29, and I astound you with our collective ability to not die in woodshop (ok, so that's mostly me), and our comprehensive knowledge of Revelations and the crack theories therein. ;D

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Ok, this is from Kristin over at E, so who KNOWS how factual it is, but omg omg omg omg.

I took out the other spoiler and left in the part that I'm squeeing over because I'm still relatively spoilerfree for everything after 4x08, and I'd like to keep it that way. ;D )

In other news, I saw a bearded man in a kilt and a hat with a poof on it tonight at Meijer. It made my night. Also, I'm taking a shower, and I bought black raspberry chip ice cream.

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This is my VERY Spoiler-filled reaction to the premiere. Well, spoiler-filled for 4x01. Seeing how that's what it's about. ;D

It's very sugar-fueled. I apologize for that.

Ok, no I don't.

<333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333's TO KRIPKE, WHO IS MY GREATEST LOVE OF ALL TIME!!!!
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I shan't be back til midnight, so enjoy the waiting, and think of me. Waiting 20 minutes more. ALAS.

Yay, pie! :)
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Also, my entire family ate all of my ice cream and birthday cake. Basically, they suck. D:

Also, also, I love Mass Effect. It's the reason I'm not online 24/7 anymore. :) That thing eats time like nobody's business.
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I won't be on much, but I will gloat. :D

Also, I just opened up my computer, and it put me on Mexican Google. Small things like that shouldn't make my day, but they totally do. :D

My last flight was seriously delayed, so I spent the whole time drawing. (Ruby/Watchmen characters) )

I'm probably going to flesh out the Watchmen characters later. I just LOVE the way the Ruby one came out; there are a bunch of random doodles on the page, and then I starting really sketchily drawing a chick with a knife, and then there was Ruby, and then I had a two hour flight with no more Batman left to read, so I actually took my time and shaded it decently. :D YAY

Alright, I'm going to the beach. \o/
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I must post this first.

1) The Dark Knight is called that for a reason. My heart started racing at the beginning of this movie, and it did not stop. Everything I ever hoped for and dreamed of was in this movie. I simply want to know when I can see it again. (We were one of only two groups dressed up, too. WTF, PEOPLE IN MY FAIRLY SMALL TOWN. I DEMAND MORE FROM YOU.)


3) OMG SPN SPOILARRSSSS!!! That are mildly unverified because I got them second hand and couldn't be bothered to look them up myself. But <3. <333333333333333

4) We made it to IHOP. Pancakes are my new true love.

5) It's official, I sound like James Hetfield.
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I'm done! :D I crapped out on the background, but I'm proud of the coloring, so it balances out? I hope you like it, [ profile] mindykim, and I hope it was worth the wait. :)

Cause I'm TNT! I'm dynamite! )

So, now all I have to do is my pictures/icons for [ profile] xo_disaster_ox and [ profile] siriusslash and I'll be all caught up. :) I still need to know what you want, [ profile] xo_disaster_ox, so let me know asap and I'll get right on it.

Early festivities for Christmas in July have begun. :D Return of the King + Surround Sound + Ginormous TV = BEAUTIMOUS. We're trying to decide if we're crazy enough to put up a Christmas tree. I don't know that we are. XD For now, pineapple cookies and Code Red will have to be enough. Killing people with fudging Christmas trees will come later. <3
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Well, I had to sit around and wait on the mailman for about 2 hours this morning; you might've noticed me around.

In addition to this, LJ is telling me that it's [ profile] kateg123's birthday, so of course, I doodled a little doodle for her amidst my doodling. Naturally. :) Happy birthday!

I also did some sketches of my Rock Band character, Ruby (of course), and some KotOR stuff. But they're really terrible, so I'll put them up later, if at all. :D My aunt (the one I was dogsitting for) brought me socks back with her, and all is generally right and well with the world, hooray. I even got to walk home and sing Beirut songs at the top of my lungs. <3
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I pretty much live at [ profile] randomfangirl29's house now. I'm going back Thursday I think, to watch er... Bedtime Stories, is it? I have no idea anymore. I don't think I've seen that one more than once, which is... weird. Especially for this season, which we have watched to death. BUT I DIGRESS.

I've been really, really happy lately. I've been working at my mom's again, doing little odds and ends stuff, but working, and thus earning a paycheck, so that's good. I've been going out to Elizabeth's, which entails eating food and good times. I've been entertaining delusions of winning the "Making the Cut" contest, whilst plotting to take Elizabeth with me should I win by pretending to be conjoined twins or something insane like that (full disclosure: she's about a foot shorter than I am). I'm really sad they're judging the contest; my delusions will have to be actual delusions now that they're completely unrealistic. Which is sad. I like my delusions.

But I haven't even watched my video again since I put it up; I'm rather ashamed of it's badness. Also it's 36 seconds long. So there's that. But enough about my self-loathing.

I've also been subtly indoctrinating [ profile] tahu into watching Supernatural. I made her watch the first five minutes of Ghostfacers, and also I've not shut up about it for five minutes. D: I've become that person I hate that's always like "OMG YOU HAVE TO SEEEEEE THIIIIIIIIIIIIIS", and for that I am eternally shamed.

Though the whole thing did bring about this exchange: )

So it's not all bad, right? ;)



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