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When it dies, a part of my black, black heart will turn blacker. *single tear*

In other news, there've been some fantastic comments on this post courtesy of just about every capslock comm on LJ. This is my favorite:

Castiel: You have to stop it
Dean: Stop what?
Castiel: Sam is going down a dark path, Dean. He's reading Twilight. Stop him, or we will.
Posted by: Eric Kripke

I also just made myself a new header to be more matchy with my layout. *little jig*

I don't have class tomorrow morning... It feels kind of awesome. So I'm going to be reading and cleaning in anticipation of the ~*Last Supernatural Episode of 2008*~, whereafter I'm probably going to be peer-pressured into seeing Twilight at midnight. Such is the way of these things.


Nov. 8th, 2008 05:38 pm
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I don't really have anything to say other than, "If you don't want to be sad, don't click these links."

Bad news for Pushing Daisies, and bad news for Dollhouse.

Someone help me raise some money for Joss Whedon to get some couples counseling with Fox. Their relationship is really, really not healthy, and I'm sad for him. He needs to stick to the internet and do more stuff like Dr. Horrible. Please. For your sanity, and ours, Mr. Whedon.

At least Supernatural's doing fine. And Watchmen. At least for today, anyway.

I hate when my fandom interests make me sad. :(
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I've decided that after my last midterm on Monday, I'm sleeping for a day.

More likely I'll just go crazy and finish coloring that picture of Ruby and Milo. It's adorable, if I do say so myself. *has the lines done*

So... yeah. I don't know if I mentioned this here before or not, but I've been watching True Blood whenever I get a chance to go home and download the episodes, and it is epic crack. And I love Tara. I've only seen through the 5th episode, but I keep hearing that the last one was amazing, and I'm kind of getting excited. *hopes this isn't all for naught*

In other news, my first English teacher (I have 3... OH GOD WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?) told me he was surprised because, while I never say anything in class, I did really amazing on my midterm. This excites me because 1) I no longer appear stupid to him, so he can keep that frame of reference in mind when he grades my paper and 2) OMG MAYBE HE'LL BE NICE WHEN HE GRADES MY PAPER. \o/

I'm just... very tired over here. I'm back aboard the failboat in regards to keeping up with my flist, but this paper isn't gonna write itself, and these midterms need some semblance of studying for. Also, I suck. *shrug* I'll be back to full-steam random-commenting as soon as I can, I assure you.

Wow, I totally forgot that Pushing Daisies is on tonight. Good thing we have pecan pie for tomorrow; I've been having withdrawal, and that show doesn't help. Also, nuns.

Also also, shame on anyone who has never seen The Sound of Music. I mean, seriously. How do you sleep at night? *pointed shaming glare at [ profile] tahu and anyone else who happens to never have seen it*
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Now all I have to do is study for my PoliSci test. I just can't shake the feeling that that paper isn't good. I don't know how to tell objectively if a paper is good at all; I'm really, really bad at getting good grades on papers. Ah well.

I'm so tired that I may just go to sleep early tonight, and get up around 2 or 3 tomorrow to study. I don't know... I have a little art homework, too.

The entire world is going to spoil me for Pushing Daisies. I just know it. XD; I don't get to watch it until this weekend whenever I go home to do my laundry. Maybe even Sunday night. I know. So I'm thinking of maybe, maybe watching it in the middle of all my studying. I can totally do that. It's just that the airtime is badly placed for a break.

I really wish it wasn't this week that I had all this crap. Ah, well. I get to make a video for Supernatural this weekend that I've officially been planning for two months. Yeah, I know, I'm insane.

But it's going to be fun. :)

Yay for not being stressed out even though I should be! :D
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Pushing Daisies? Your flashbacks kill my insides with squishy adorability. Seriously.

Never change. <3

*loves little Ned sleeping with the pie because OMG his mom <3*

ETA: Okay. That episode just made me cry. And no, I'm not ashamed. This show better not end up canceled because of the writer's strike. It's... so beautiful and different than everything else on TV right now. And it fills me with joy. :)



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