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So I told the Deanbottoms I would make these icons, and so I have.

You can't tell me you weren't thinking it:

Minor spoilers for last night's episode )
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I'm finally done with [ profile] breakinporcelan's request!

She wanted Castiel and Misha having a ~*dazzle off*~, and I started working on some lineart whilst writing my papers. Then LJ told me her birthday was today. So here I am. :D

Be warned: What follows here is possibly the crackiest crack to ever crack upon the earth. )

Have a very happy and Misha-tastic birthday! :D
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Monty Python starts their own Youtube Channel

This is why I love them. Now if I could only buy "And Now For Something Completely Different".

*puts on list of things to do*

I've been working too hard today, I needed that. :) It's cold outside; 20 degrees at most every morning, and I've only got one pair of pants to make it through the week. I'm going to be getting creative with tights, aren't I? I have a job interview on Friday, though, and I was hoping to not look... insane, so we'll see, I suppose.

Sabrina wants to see Twilight at the midnight showing Thursday; she's never read the books, just heard about the mind-numbing lulz from me, and she's seriously gung-ho. I don't think she understands the massive hysteria of the fangirls, though. I have that interview Friday, so I don't think it'll happen. Also, I value my life.

We'll probably go Friday night.

I'm going to need so much therapy afterward.



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