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So I told the Deanbottoms I would make these icons, and so I have.

You can't tell me you weren't thinking it:

Minor spoilers for last night's episode )
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Yesterday [ profile] ibroketuesday found the best mpreg bad!fic ever. The SS Deanbottoms proceeded to discuss it at length during the time we should've been rewatching 4x19. It's... we love it. It's near and dear to our hearts. So I made some text icons of our favorite choice quotes. Please, go forth and use them liberally. <3

Castiel smelled like an angel, which he was. )
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Alright, flist. Help me help you.

I'm completely stressed out from school right now, and I just figured out how to employ actions in Photoshop to recolor pictures, so I want to make some srs bizness icons. Actually I just want to make pretty icons of any kind. Cracky ideas are welcome. I'm definitely going to fulfill any requests I get in the next hour or two, and anything after that is likely as well, I'll just have to get back to writing papers/fixing my schedule for next year at some point so I'll be taking breaks.

If you bring me pictures to use, you'll get yours extra super fast. ;D ;D ;D

So bring me your icon needs and let me fulfill them! Need hot Lee Pace-on-Lee Pace action? Sam and Dean staring soulfully into each others' eyes? Victor and Sierra being the most adorable people on the face of this EARTH? Bring it on!

ETA: I skipped around and did a few that had easy pictures, hee. I'll finish the rest in the morning. I LOVE YOU ALL. <3
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[ profile] lessrest requested a Castiel + sparkly halo icon, and I thought this might be relevant to everyone else's interest.

And this is for [ profile] worshipthedean but I'm showing it to y'all because SPARKLES.


*goes back to sleeping/watching old Monty Python sketches on youtube/making sparkly icons*e
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Two versions so far, one with sparkles because what ISN'T made better by sparkles.

Still waiting for caps. Will probably be back later to spam even more.

Any requests? I'm in a very icon-ing mood today.
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I've been meaning to make icons for a while now, but they were so insane I kept putting it off. No longer; tonight I bring you: my most cracktastic icons ever.

1-6: Powerpuff Supernatural
7-9: Inspired by [ profile] popcornleader
10: Inspired by the extreme lack of appreciation my flist seems to have for Father Gregory
11-15: Inspired by [ profile] woodstarling
16-18: Various Reddit jokes

Some of these are intensely random )

I'm actually thinking about making a Powerpuff SPN comm, I just can't think of a name. Anyone who has any suggestions/an idea for a layout/wants to help me maintain it because I am lazy will be incredibly appreciated in a way that might get you a request or something!

And speaking of requests, I'll be working on my last two tonight and tomorrow. Fear not, I haven't forgotten! :)
SO I'M TAKING THE DEFINITION OF SKETCH A LITTLE LIBERALLY HERE BUT WHATEVER. [ profile] woodstarling wanted Misha, and then she showed me this fabulous picture of his hair, and um... I made a field guide.

How to identify the Common Field Misha )

I need a hobby or something.

ETA: Icons! )

If anyone can make the animated one in better quality, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. <33333

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Well, it does.

I just showed the clip to my brother to prove that I'm not the only person who knows all the words to Eye of the Tiger and that it's not sad, it's a gift, etc. Then I found caps.

Then I made icons. )

Feel free to use as bases and do with them whatever you want so long as you give me credit.

And now, I'm off to sleep. In the morning, I will continue my epic saga of dancing!Castiel icons. OH, YES. *evil steepled fingers*


Sep. 22nd, 2008 09:18 pm
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Y'all...... send help.

Any requests?

GIP Times!

Sep. 7th, 2008 09:48 pm
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So..... I made the greatest icon ever, y/y?

*loves Jensen and his dorky, dorky helmet more than words can say*

Today, me and Dayna ate waffles. :) She's having some roommate troubles, and asked if I wanted to maybe get a house together next semester. I'm sincerely doubting I'm going to have a job by then, but it'd be awesome if it happened... Heh. She also wanted to drive up to Chicago for the SPN Con again... are they still selling tickets even? I have no idea.

I've been trying to record myself playing a vaguely-country-ish Amanda Palmer's "Astronaut" on my ukulele just because of how awesome I am. Unfortunately, I fail at playing ukulele well under pressure. Alas. I'm going to keep trying, I just don't know if it's going to happen.

On the vidding front, I hate getting clips for my video. That's the part that takes up all my time. :/ It sucks, cause I really want to spend some time on the special effects, but I'm not going to have time if I can't get enough clips to fill out the minute and a half. Alas. Woe is me. *pines*

I've been busy arting, but it's been mostly Mass Effect stuff. I'm really proud of it, though, and it's all been completely computer-based, so I'm picking up better lineart-making skills with my tablet. It's still a rough ride, though, because shaking is one of those things I can't seem to stop doing.

Without further ado, Mass Effect art! )
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Spoilertastic icons! :D )

Will take requests because I'm so incredibly bored. <3 Just... nothing overtly spoilertastic. Do these even need a cut? Because I'm not sure they do. Inquiring minds need to know?
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Tonight was glorious, as I knew it would be. :D

A small rundown of our crack.
1) We watched: Dark Angel, Supernatural, Smallville, and The Princess Bride. Our day was quite Jensen-tastic.
3) We decided Kripke should name the Season 4 Premiere "Hugs". Who's with us?
4) - The Pussycat Dolls' new song "When I grow up" will be the new anthem of the CW, and they will play it as Jared, Jensen, and Mr. Welling (with special cameo appearance by 1 Mr. Rosenbaum) gyrate in what is sure to be the most successful marketing ploy the network has ever created. That song terrifies me in ways I didn't know I could be terrified.
5) Princess Buttercup is a worthless piece of crap and Westley should dump her for one of the ROUS. They clearly love him.
6) We were going to salt and burn the skittles that were lost to us during an unfortunate dropping of the giant skittles bag, but.... We weren't allowed anywhere near fire. Ah well. It's for the best.

ANYWAYS. I'm going back over there Saturday for the Belmont, and we may roast marshmallows. This activity would combine my love of fire and sugar, and be THE GREATEST THING EVER. SRSLY. <3

In other news, I got sorta sucked in to the icon fest over at [ profile] ohnokripkedidnt. I'm going to put a little grouping of the icons I've made here, just because I can. And because they're all really weirdly different than what I usually do. :)

Most of them are cracky. It's the mood I'm in. :D )


Made by [ profile] theoret, who is clearly made of SOLID AWESOME.
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I made icons tonight because I am 1) delusional and 2) bored. Also because I've needed one of Ruby riding her demon!unicorn. It's the most accurate depiction of my madness. %D

I also made a few icons because I'm delusional about Dean's potential deal-coming-due-ness. I know nothing. I just want to campaign for him to live. Because of his pretty. Even though there's less than a week til the episode airs.


Also, I'm going to take a few requests for Powerpuff-style SPN icons/pictures/headers/whatever. I reserve the right to choose which ones--if I even get any requests--that I do, but... I'm bored and suffering from art block, and little doodles like that will help me get through. Anyone can ask, and the more random/awesome it is, the more likely I am to do it. ;)
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Ghostfacers Homepage

I cannot wait for this episode.

Corbett is my new favorite thing of ever. <3333

ETA: Icons and Stickers )
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This past week was my Spring Break, and I had a ton of down time to play around with Photoshop. Some of these are better than others, but I've never made icons for the general public before. Not that these were made with the intention of giving them out to the masses, just that I thought I'd share the fruits of my boredom with the world. [/ramble]

1-6 The Dresden Dolls
7-24 Ruby (Supernatural)

Ruby & The Dresden Dolls )

Credit is mandatory--comments are appreciated. Song lyrics are from "Good Day" - The Dresden Dolls, "Witchy Woman" - The Eagles, and "Demon's Eye" - Deep Purple. Screencaps are from [ profile] oxoniensis. Fonts from Dafont. Feel free to use these as bases. :)
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Yes, the Supernatural Christmas episode was so good that I had no choice but to make icons. Hopefully, more will follow. :)

Just four for now:

#2 based on Refur's Review of 3x08, which is delightful and happy and yay. I know they're lame, but I have an old and slow version of Photoshop on my Mac. Hopefully I'll get to CS tomorrow and make some awesomer ones. :)

*goes back to not watching The Bourne Ultimatum*



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